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Making property simple

Far too many people feel overwhelmed when buying or selling their first home.

We get it,  hours going back and forth with agents, complications, let downs.   

Don't even get us started on the fees!​

We started Keys because we understand that it doesn't have to be this way.

Want to view properties without wasting hours with agents over phone and email? 

We hear you.

Don't understand why your average high street agent's fees are so high?  

Neither do we.

With modern technology and a deep understanding of property in Swansea, Keys gives ordinary people the power to buy or sell their home, without breaking the bank!

Meet the team

Sadek Miah

Director of Sales

Sales is my career, but property is my passion. 


I  progressed to management roles early on in my ten years in the industry.  I attribute this to my ability to build strong, lasting relationships with my clients.

In 2019, I moved to Dubai to work with the nation’s leading real estate agency. This fast paced and competitive environment is where I learned the true importance of my client relationships, and how people and technology can work together to deliver exceptional results in the world of property.

My multiple years experience in kitchen design has given me the edge for my clients.  With this, I provide accurate property valuations, and expert guidance for increasing their homes value.

Above all else, I value my ability to make buying and selling property easy, enjoyable, and profitable for my clients.

Blue Surface

Joe Ford

Director of Finance and Technology

My career has been focused on one thing:  making people's lives easier with technology.


Having worked for some of the world's leading financial services companies, I understand how to use technology to make the process of buying and selling simple and even fun.

I am where I am today because of my work ethic, dedication, and determination to deliver results. 


But, results are nothing without the people whose lives they improve.  This is what really gets me out of bed in the morning, people.

I realised this the first time I handed my client the keys to their new home. From that moment,  I was hooked.

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